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Paint like a pro

Paint Like a Pro

Painting. For some, it is the best way to upgrade your living space without breaking the bank. For others, it is the something that keeps getting set aside, which only gets done when it’s time to sell the house. In either case, we have compiled a few of the best tips and tricks to help you get your rooms to achieve the look that matches your style or personality, meanwhile paint like a pro. 

The journey may start with some questions. Why are you painting? If you are moving, neutral colors work best. These colors work well in any area and give your potential buyers a blank slate to work on.  They can visualize the home in their perspective. If you are looking for an updated or modern look, finding color trends can help you bring your vision to life.

What kind of room are you painting? Smaller areas are enhanced by lighter colors, it makes them feel more spacious, while darker colors create drama and are perfect for accent walls in larger rooms.

Where are you painting? If you are painting in a busy area, an acrylic latex paint in an eggshell or satin finish is easy to clean and holds up to the wear and tear of life. If you are starting from scratch with drywall, primer is required because it fills in the small holes and means less coats later.

Updating your trim color? An oil or acrylic paint in semi-gloss gives a smooth finish with less coats.

If you want to paint like a pro, when beginning any painting project, your rooms will need to be prepped to allow for the best coverage and hassle-free pick up. This tends to be the most-overlooked, yet most-important step in the paint process.  Begin this by washing your walls to remove any dust, dirt and fingerprints. Even the slightest hint of particles of dust can cause your paint to clump and make unwanted texture on your walls.

Next, set up the area you will be painting. Put down drop cloths, tape off any areas that are not going to painted, remove any hardware from the walls, and fix any holes. After that, you should prime. Primer helps get rid of darker colors, can help create a moisture barrier, and smooth out any trivial imperfections. Now you’re ready to paint like a pro using the color you selected to begin with!


We have compiled some of our popular painting tricks for you!

  • A rubber band placed on your paint can lets you wipe off extra paint and keeps the can clean.
  • Pick up a small container of paint to check how ambient light affects the paint color.
  • Putting a grocery bag in the bottom of your paint tray makes a perfect liner.
  • Painting in a ‘W’ pattern gives you the most even coverage.
  • Taking the tape off about 24 hours after painting cuts down on the chance of peeling paint.
  • The less humid the weather, the less likely drips are and the drying time of the paint will be less.
  • Low VOC paint, (like the ones we carry here at All American) help avoid chemical seeping.
  • Better brushes = better application.
  • Wallpaper. Fabric softener works well to remove it (please remember you have to wash the wall afterwards.)  We also have wallpaper peeling tools.
  • Mix the cans of paint needed for a room together in one large container, this will help avoid slight changes in color.
  • Putting a layer of cling wrap (like for leftover food) placed over the top of the can and then placing the cap on helps seal the paint from air between uses.

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