If your job needs it, we’ve got it. Big or small, from concrete saws to earth moving equipment to boom lifts and much, much more:  All American has your equipment rental needs covered. Make All American your partner for all of your heavy-duty equipment rental in the Wisconsin area, and gain a real advantage for your business as well as your home DIY and Pinterest projects!

See our list of rental equipment available below or download the brochure. It is best to reserve equipment in advance for future projects, to ensure it will be available when you need it. For reservations or inquiries regarding our rental items, please contact our Rental Department at the store closest to you.
Tomah: 608-374-4200, Sparta: 608-269-5028, Richland Center: 608-649-4300.

Click on the sections below to view images and details of most of the products from our rentals section. When you hover over the image, most of the products will show further details such as dimensions. *PLEASE NOTE: Some of the products indicated with a * are not available in our Richland Center location. As with any of our products, we recommend you call your location to verify product availability in your area.

Note: Not all items are available at each store.
Please check with the store closest to you for availability.  If they do not have it, one of our other stores may offer it.

Tomah: 608-374-4200
Sparta: 608-269-5028
Richland Center: 608-649-4300

Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions

We rent items by the hour, by the day, by the week, or by the month. (Some items have minimum rental times.) Equipment is charged for time out, not time used. Charges are based on total time the item is out of the Rental Center including Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Identification is required on all rental contracts which includes a valid drivers license.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express

A Service charge will be added for items returned without proper cleaning

Fuel is furnished with all two-stroke engines. Four stroke engines and diesel engines will leave the rental center full of fuel. We ask that you replenish the fuel before returning so that fuel charges do not have to be added.

If you experience a problem with the item you rented, call us immediately. If you do not inform us of the problem immediately, you will be charged for the full rental.

Equipment accessories—i.e. drill bits, router bits, sand paper, cut off blades, saw blades, concrete blades—are extra.

Love One of the Tools Enough to Keep?  
We sell new and used equipment.
Please call us if you’re looking for a great price
on new or used equipment.  

For Sale:
Bobcat T-450 Track Loader
1310 W. Wisconsin St.,  Sparta, WI