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Blended Wood Pellets

Hay Creek Fuel Pellets – Low Ash, High BTU in Wisconsin

Hay Creek Companies supports the environment by manufacturing wood fuel pellets from waste wood. These wood fuel pellets are manufactured by compressing sawdust remnants from the lumber industry, furniture and flooring, and from forestry by-products as well as shredded wood from recycled pallets. The wood materials used to manufacture the pellets are only recycled wood products. Thus, burning these pellets is a carbon neutral process. All wood pellets manufactured at Hay Creek meet strict ash content, moisture content and heat output standards. Hay Creek follows the guidelines for premium wood fuel pellets established by the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Premium Blended Wood
$4.99 – 40# Bag.*
Pallet (50 bags: totaling 1 Ton): $4.67 / Bag (233.89 total)*
2020 Early Season Special Introductory Price!
For a Limited time Only.

Hardwood & Softwood Pellets

For more than 25 years, Indeck Energy has demonstrated the imagination, know-how and determination it takes to succeed in the ever-changing energy industry. Our achievements are driven by motivated and skilled professionals who work hard to create quality, environmentally responsible solutions for your energy needs. Produced at the Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets are the best fuel for your wood pellet stove.  Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets are manufactured from natural, locally grown and sustainably harvested hardwood, along with a quality blend of sawmill and forest residuals. A majority of Indeck Energy’s feedstock is debarked and chipped on-site to ensure the cleanest possible raw material for wood pellet production.

Premium Indeck Energy™ Wood Pellets contain:

  • NO inorganic additives
  • NO wood glues
  • NO wood derived from low-quality sources – like pallets or other scrap
  • Hardwood blend

The Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellet manufacturing process is monitored real time, 24 hours a day, during production. Utilizing the latest in moisture meter technology, screening, automated process controls and on-site testing, Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets are uniform in size, shape, and density.

Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets are tested for quality both on-site and through a third-party testing firm, Twin Ports Testing, located in Superior, Wisconsin. Quality control sampling is done on-site routinely each day and a sample of our product is shipped for independent, third-party analysis in accordance with Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) guidelines.

Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets consistently exceed The Pellet Fuels Institute’s Premium Wood Pellet Standards.

Premium Indeck Energy™ Wood Pellets provide:

  • More heat | Superior value
  • Clean burn | Reliable heating
  • Less ash | Cleaner stoves
  • Consistent quality | Exceeds PFI standards

Manufactured within the strict guidelines of our quality program and durably packaged, Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets are the highest in quality. Indeck Energy is committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Hardwood Pellets
$5.99 – 40# Bag.*
Pallet (50 bags – totaling 1 Ton): $280.50*
Save 32 Cents per Bag Buying by the Ton!

Softwood Pellets
 $6.59 – 40# Bag*
Pallet (50 bags – totaling 1 Ton): $313.00*
Save 30 Cents per Bag Buying by the Ton!

* Prices Are Subject to Change. Please call store or stop in for current pricing.