Winter Home Remodeling

Winter is a great time to do home improvements

When it comes to home remodeling or exterior improvements, all seasons provide delays.  During winter, a heavy snowstorm will likely stop work for a few days, but that also happens in summer when a rainstorm – whether it’s showers or thunderstorms, or heavy rain. The heat can also be just as hard to work in as the cold. In fact, winter can be the best time to start a home improvement project.

Price Changes

When it comes to home remodeling, one thing is certain — the longer you wait, the more costs will rise.  Prices on building materials rarely decrease (with the exception of the 2020-2022 when there was such a large supply & demand imbalance), when they rose quickly, but tapered back off on commodities, like lumber for example.  When manufacturers or suppliers increase prices, they are typically reflected in the first quarter of the year.  By ordering cabinetry or other home materials during winter, one will avoid any pending increases.

When should I start my project?

When it comes to seasons, winter is a great time.  Many contractors are slower at this time of year.  Your chances of getting the right person or team to handle the job are better when they don’t have as much work lined up.

If your home has a need for repair, the problem isn’t going to improve on its own.  It should be addressed as soon as possible, to avoid additional problems. An easy example would be not having gutters and downspouts directing rainfall away from your home.  That’s a major source of future foundation problems, but an easy solution before the problem arises.

If you are looking at interior home remodeling, such as flooring, or a kitchen or bath remodel, those are projects that can easily be done year-round.  The sooner you do it, the more time you’ll have to enjoy living in the updated part of your home.

Make sure your home is ready for all Seasons

Some of the least glamorous updates can be the most important, like updating windows and doors. Replacing old worn out windows and doors can increase the energy efficiency year round, when it’s cold or hot and make your living space more comfortable.

Let’s get your Project Started

The team at All American can get you started on your next project.  We have all the materials that you’ll need for your next home improvement or new construction.  Our experienced team can even provide you blueprint drawings and 3D Design so you can visualize what the end result may be like.  Visit us online at or stop into one of our stores in Tomah, Sparta or Richland Center.

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