Preparing your
Thanksgiving Turkey

One of the greatest part of cooking, is that there are many different ways to do any one thing, to get the end result.  Whether it’s how you prep, or what ingredients you use, or what type of cooking unit you use, can make a huge difference in the end result, but some may not make a difference at all.

When preparing your Thanksgiving Turkey, you can make it in a traditional oven, but have you thought about a grill?  Well there’s different categories of grills too.
Gas, Pellet, or Charcoal?
Smoker or Standard Grill?
On the grates or on a rotisserie?
Spatchcock (splitting it open and spreading the halves out) or the whole thing?
Wet brine, dry brine, or no brine at all?
What kind of wood or pellets?

We would like to share some ideas from our grill experts: Big Green Egg, Traeger, Weber and Broil King.  Click the links below to go to their website and see what may work best for you.